Only 3 more weeks

Dear friends,

Only 3 more weeks till the tournament and in Valencia we are already enjoying of a fantastic weather? Hostel package fully booked, still some spots in our hotel pack!

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Who's ready?

EuroValencia 2015 delegations

Haigazian University

Dear all,

we are proud to introduce for the very first time in BDJ Tournaments our friends from Haigazian University!

What value defines your delegation?
The values that define our delegation are integrity, respect and high professionalism. We believe in sportsmanship and try to enjoy the sports with highly respective and equality approach.

What do you expect from EuroValencia 2015?
We expected from Euro Valencia 2015 a well-organized and nice tournament. Highly integrated atmosphere in order our students mingle with others and gain experience. I believe this year HU will enjoy the sports to its maximum extend.

Best of luck Haigazian University!!

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Discover Valencia

Valencia is one of the most dynamic tourist destinations of the last few years. The city offers an attractive array of activities and sights; suitable for all ages.

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